Monday, May 14, 2007

HA! The rantings of a lunatic

So today was day 1 of no "diet pop". Originally I thought I could do this cold turkey. By noon today I was about to chop someones head off. So I've decided to resort back to regular pop and atleast keep the caffeine kick for a little while longer. As long as that shit isn't going into my body anymore - and by shit I mean aspertame. I'm going to book with my sisters spa and get an Ion Cleanse...can't wait to see the sludge that comes out of me. It'll be worth taking gross pictures of for me to share with you - my imaginary viewers.

So I made it through today with one pop total - a diluted fountain regular coke pop. Just one - pretty good I thought for day 1. If I can keep this up for the next two weeks I'll be well on my way.

Today was a challenge. People tested me (of course without knowing it), but they did and I passed - they are all still alive.. HA! They say that when people copy something you do - it's the most sincere form of flattery. Well BULLSHIT! it's not flattering to me - it's downright annoying. Can people really not just do something cool on their own. I mean really - I am no trend setter - I follow my own rules - I have my own book that I write, and I suppose if I do something that is "main stream" and others like it - and copy it - I should be flattered but all I can think of is "for god's sake" be original. I am attempting to be original by myself - by you copying me- you have now made my idea not so original and I get annoyed...does it ruin my life - of course not - and do I stay mad for ever- no it's not worth my time....but for the sake of my sanity - don't follow me - I will lead you down a very dark path. Good thing I didn't crack out the whips...*G* Would anyone follow me then? Doubt it!

Ahh so the rantings of a lunatic. I could go all night long the mood I am in tonight. But for the sake of my sanity or perhaps my love for my insanity - I'll save the ravings for yet another night. They say email and merlow don't mix...*L*..What about Bartles & Jaymes & a Blog? Ahh a marriage made in heaven.

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