Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Update..Can't believe it's been almost 2 years

Wow...well let me first start by saying that for almost 2 years - I couldn't find my own Blog...HOW? you ask..well that's interesting - I can only say it's because of the frame of mind I was in when I first signed up to Blog - I couldn't even properly spell BEWITCHED..so my blogspot name after all this time is actually... http://www.bewtiched.blogspot.com/

I totally couldn't spell. GO FIGURE! So welcome to those that are just reading my rantings for the first time. I'm a bit of a lunatic. I worry, I ponder, I am a wee bit crazy. Hope you enjoy this ride.

So since my last couple of blogs - I was fighting two different demons...the first one was Aspertame. On May 13, 2007 I took my last glass of Diet Pepsi and sucked it back. I am happy to report that as of this May, it will be 2 years since my last drop of anything Aspertame.

Do you have ANY IDEA?! how hard it is to shop within lower calories and not buy aspertame products - (by the way Splenda, Nutrasweet, etc etc) fall into this category to. For DO NOT be mistaken....Splenda IS NOT Sugar...it is a chemical...with 3 molecules of CHLORINE in each GRANULE....

Now folks with Diabetes or other ailments - don't put a hate on towards me. I know some folks feel they have no options...I am only speaking on my experience. I truly belive that had I not stopped ingesting that horrid substance, I could easily be in a much worse condition today than ever.

I was in and out of doctors - would go for days without eating (but still poured upwards of 2-4 L a day of pop down me). When I ate, it was yogurt, popsicles, jello, softdrinks, etc. etc. if it had ASPERTAME or SPLENDA or Nutrasweet - I bought it...surely the lower calorie count was much more better than the actual harm of a chemical. Everything we eat has chemicals...RIGHT?!

Well they do - but I was voluntarily eating it. AND LOTS OF IT. I gained more weight than I ever have in all my years - even though most days I didn't eat an ounce of food...I just wasn't hungry. My eyesight seemed to be getting worse , I was loosing hair at an alarming rate- I was DIZZY..all the time. I could audibly hear my stomach gurgle all day long and after a couple of x-rays, tests and several weekends of Milk of Magnesium treatments - nothing changed and for some unknown reason - there was "nothing wrong with me". So now we're caught up - almost. I stopped injesting Aspertame stuff...cold TURKEY!

Wasn't willing to stop the Caffeine habit at that time though - I tried and switching back to regular pop definately slowed down my drinking of the sludge...but it didn't stop me. Eventually I was back to my regular routine of 2-4 litres minimum a day of regular pop - my weight ballooned a bit again and then leveled out.

In February of last year (so nearly a year after I stopped Aspertame) I started taking a supplement of sorts that gave me incredible energy, had me sleeping at night soundly, seemed to help my dizziness (even without aspertame - I still experienced horrible dizziness in the mornings - often falling into my walls), and overall made me feel fantastic. I joined the company as a Distributor of this product because of how much it had helped me and beacause of the scientific proof behind what it was capable of doing. Oh and the owners...MAN..they know what they are doing. Have you ever heard of Steven K. Scott or Greg Fullerton? No....Google them...AMAZING stuff.

By March '08 - On my way to Kelowna for a conference I pointed out that I hadn't been interested in drinking pop very much - it was if my taste for it was disappearing. I didn't know why or what was causing me to all of a sudden "not" crave the caffeine but I wasn't experiencing any major caffeine withdrawals at all.

In Kelowna at a restaurant, I ordered a pop - it cost me nearly $5.00 (alot really for a glass of sludge) and I only drank 1/4 of it. I was razed for paying such a ridiculous amount for a drink and not actually drinking it. Before I would have had them refill it 2 or 3 more times in one sitting.

That weekend I weened myself completely off of Caffeine and other than the odd "treat" here and there (can count the number of times on one hand) that I actually had a caffeinated pop beverage - I am now completely 100% caffeine free. The odd time I have "treated" myself - the fear of being horribly addicted again does cross my mind - but then it hits my tongue and I have absolutely no appetite for it.

Drinks like Sprite..NOW there is my 3rd demon. Sugar. I've always been addicted to Sugar and as much as I thought Caffeine was a huge demon - my sugar addiction is much much worse. So my drink of choice these days is Sprite.

I'm down to less than 5 cans of pop a week now - compared to 5 pops in one work day. So I suppose any progress is progress.

Thanks to this incredible supplement** provided by Max International (http://www.feelgreatmaxgxl.com/), I am caffeine free, feeling better than ever and have the tools to battle just a couple more demons. SUGAR & WEIGHT...Hmm..something tells me the two go hand in hand...

Until next time!

**Note: Results from taking this supplement differ for each and every person. This is just a statement of my experience, NOT a medical claim.

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