Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ohhh The Insanity! An Explanation to the Masses..but is it really warranted? Hmmm

Alright so I'm in a writing mood tonight - every know and again the mood hits me. Got the vodka chillin in ice and a brain full of active writing material.

Some of this may bore some of you - some of it may humour some of you....some of you - will just have the confirmation of what you've always assumed...Yup..I'm insane! what?!

Lately, many of you my fellow Facebook Friends, Coworkers, Friends, Family and other people who I share common interests with have watched me "digress" into a state of insanity.

What the HELL is it with all this NKOTB shit you might be saying? Is she really posting all this stuff...acting all teenager like again..FoR REAL...GROW UP..right? Right? RIGHT?!

Well here it goes my explanation for my behaviour - even though I know better and know I don't need to explain it - I just think I want to!
I don't need nor do I want any kind of intervention. I'm perfectly sane - I'm LOVING life and I'm having a blast. If that annoys you - then I am sorry. I am who I am and I'm not going to appologize for that!
Let me start the story late 1988 or so......

These 5 guys BLASTED onto the screens, radios and everywhere else they could be. They were a product of a dream that later became a machine. They had talent - no question - they can sing...they can dance, they can write great music - they were and are still incredibly good even! They were given a raw deal and are still getting a raw deal. Respect? Apparently they don't deserve it. They went Platinum multiple times - broke records all over the place - sold out arenas and are currently selling out arenas and yet when I say their name...there are gasps and FOR REAL? Aren't they old? They're broke that's why they're back...etc.'s's NAUSEATING it's TIRING...If they are then are WE and every frickin band making "their comeback"....they aren't broke - not one - they all continued to have extrememly successful careers - the blasting is really very tiring! I had to defend them and my decision to like them as artists and people when I was 12 and now I'm almost 33 and I have to do it again? PLEASE!
I wonder on a daily basis who is more grown up? the people who think I'm childish for following them or me? I, in my heart know the exact answer to that question - so don't doubt - I assure you - if you think I'm acting childish, then you can answer this question with very little assistance. I promise you..the more grown up is me. Perhaps I'll leave that reasoning for another rant another night.

Anyways they blasted onto the front page of every magazine back in the day. They were an escape. They were there no matter what you were going through. Your Birthday / Christmas- you'd get stuff with them on it, if you were sad, their music would sing you to sleep or keep you company when as a late elementary kid / jr high kid you felt alone.

Kids are and can be evil at the age I started liking these guys and their music was an escape. They were something that was mine. I didn't have to share them with my siblings and they were something me and my friends could talk about for hours on end, fantasizing, dreaming and yes, screaming at - for the love of god...I still don't get how it is they can make us scream like that?! They made us feel giddy and they were my very first crush! I was pretty convinced I knew what love was...*L* just cause I liked them SOOOO much. Fellow Blockheads..I'm sure you can relate...BTW..when did we start getting called Blockheads? *L*..I don't remember being a Jr Blockhead back in the day?! and so I continue....

But they were there. They preached positivity, they promoted kids to stay on the "right side of the tracks" but they were kids too..just like me and my friends. They lived a world away from us, but when they talked in interviews, did videos or sang, they sang to just us...they we're ours.

I started to grow up, I decided I was maybe too cool for these cool kids and I was getting tired of constantly defending them, being made fun of and I just let them go..... High School came and did NKOTB. They became "Old Skool" before I graduated - yet - they didn't leave the scene until 1994 - the year I graduated. I don't remember their departure - I don't remember even blinking an eye at any story about it. It was over.

I've lived a lot - moved a lot, seen a lot. Life is too short to not have fun - and in 2008 I was at work one day..I got a form from the Oilers for a concert coming in November for NKOTB..ARE you FREAKING KIDDING ME? I laughed my ASS off...seriously Laughed..called all my ol friends and said - for old times sake..lets go see them. For many of us - they were the first concert we ever saw. I saved for MONTHS to be able to afford the ticket - back then..a Whopping $35.00!!

We went..I was weirded out by the whole thing - did I still like them? Why the hell and how could I be "giddy" over 5 guys all now pushing 40. I truly expected them to fall flat on their asses - I expected to laugh the whole night but strangely the minute the lights went down and their NEW music started it was like 1990 ALL OVER again....something in me kicked in - my inner 14 year old - I don't know. We're calling it nostalgia but it was something more. It was comforting almost.
I'll never expect those that didn't / haven't experienced a concert this year - fan or non-fan to understand - you'd have to be at a current show to see and feel the energy - it's incredibly contagious - it's without a doubt something you can't imagine..gotta see & feel it to believe it! It was like a SNAP REALITY....they were a part of my life - a huge part of my life once upon a time ago - and they've come back - to say it wasn't a dream come true - would be an understatement - I know NOW that their return was PERFECTLY timed - it's their time again and they still have lots to say. The past 18 years of not following them has vanished and I'm right back to where it all started. Don't worry..I'm all grown up - I have bills to pay - I just like to cut loose once in a while and they are the perfect escape!

When I went to their concert(s) this year - yup been to 2 - one in Edmonton and the other in S'Toon. It was like they're back and everything is going to be okay again. Any stress of the day, any worries I had..that night for those 2 hours completely vanished. They managed 18 years later to do EXACTLY what they did for me in 1990...WTF? By the may be asking - so did they fall on their asses - no. I am ashamed to even think they'd come back and not be prepared. Their new CD is amazing - the work they have done with other artists is truly AWESOME...They are MEN now...they may still have New "Kids" on the Block as their name but really - *L* that was their name...if the Beatles were to come back - they wouldn't change their name...why then should NKOTB?

Speaking of Beatles - I know people completely CRINGE at this comment but for millions of us - in this era..the rise of NKOTB and the continued fandom we all are proud to promote is because they (NKOTB) are our Beatles. We're not in anyway comparing them - but they really are....they have the same type of followers that the Beatles had - yet if the Beatles were to make a comeback - no one..NOT ONE person would make fun of their fans. 18 years later I'm irritated and blogging about why I like the guys...*L*..Go figure!

So for those that wonder why there is so much hype and why so many of us are back to acting like "teenagers" again - I assure you - we are fully aware of our actions. We are fully aware that to the folks that don't believe or like or support or whatever you want to call it - will never understand. We'll try to get you to understand but we're fully aware what bus we're on and it's cool that you're not interested in joining us. In fact we don't care if you don't understand. We have lots of other things in our lives that we love that you're apart of - but the guys - they're ours...and most of us are happy to keep it that way.

So there! By the way...Smirnoff Ices' are really good - probabley not at 12:30 at night on a work night -but they can be an Insomniacs best friend! no?

Back to my endless rant - One of the super cool things about this ride we're on is that I have met some of the most amazing people, I have re-kindled old friendships, I've made new friendships I can't believe or can comprehend why I didn't have them in my life earlier- these new friends that is - It's all about timing- I've had some incredible experiences. And now the time is ours! I've met people who are exactly like me - who had a very similar upbringing as a child - who lived and breathed the guys like I did as kids, who GET ME....they understand and they've become one of the most sincere amazing support systems a women could EVER in their lives ask for.
A common thread brought us together and technology made it happen. When I was 12 - there was no internet? no outlet but crap magazines who we knew made up lots of stuff. Now we have direct contact with our favourite guys via Twitter, they have an incredible website and a community where they and ALL of their fans can keep in touch - and I work - I can now afford for the most part to experience concerts like never before!
The beginning of this month I went to S'Toon for a concert - I didn't know what to expect but I was hoping I might get a chance encounter to meet the guys - I saw my favourite (Jon) up close so close I could have touched him - I shook Joe's hand - I SHOOK JOE'S HAND?! He's not my fav but he's one of the guys and as a fan - we love them all...we just got our favs. But when he shook my hand - all I could think about was WOW - I'm so glad I'm 30ish now - I can actually enjoy this and not pass out like I may have done at 12...*L*. I know now more than I could have comprehended at 12 or 14 that they are humans - who have made a difference in millions of people's lives.....I have the highest respect, gratitude and loyalty to them and will always!
Really - they are just as much a part of my life as anything else. We have no idea if and when this round will end. It's something we all have tucked back in our minds - because as realists all things must come to an end. We're not looking for it to end any time soon - so any "push" , fun activity or shenanigans we participate in - is for a short time. We're going to take every second of this ride and live it. Life is too short to constantly be in "work" mode. Right now - they are my escape.
So if you're tired of seeing the endless NKOTB stuff on my page - or tired of hearing me talk about them. Well I'd love to say I'm sorry - but I'm not.
My name is Michelle and I'm a Blockhead...*LOL*

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